Jelly Belly Slushie Express from Back to Basics

Jelly Belly Slushie Express is one of top selling models of slushy makers from Back to Basics, which, as you may know, is a new leading provider of innovative kitchen appliances and known for their high quality yet competitive prices. Acquired by Focus Products Group, LLC back in 2007, it merged West Bend Housewares and just took off ever since. And this slushie maker is one of the main fruits harvested from that joint effort.

This Back to Basics slushie express is nice, really nice. It might be the best choice within the budget price range. In other words, you can hardly find such a fast slushy maker at this competitive price. Thanks to the powerful 200-watt motor, it is capable of getting the slushies ready to be served in less than one minute. And you don’t need to worry anything at all as this is a no brainer.

Need more details about it? OK, just take this slushie maker out of the box once delivered to your door. Firstly, prepare your favorite syrup or mix, which sorry you have to hunt for yourself, and feed them into the plastic cup attached by the machine and stop until almost reaching the marked line. Secondarily, pour in water and ice in turn similarly. Next, plug it in and switch it on and it will just work for you.

Usually a great slushie will be done in merely about 30 seconds. What’s more, compared to Slushee available at 7-Eleven there is no difference between them at all. Kids love 7-Eleven, and definitely will just love this machine as well. With regard to children, it is so much fun and as well one enjoyable and educational game to make slushy drinks by themselves. Is that safe? Well, this problem has already been taken it into consideration for you.The solution is  a child safe switch design, which allows operating only when the cup is totally fallen into place.

Additionally, this slushie express machine comes with a few additional merits too – cup and straw that capable of being used again, stout blade base, no salt needed, and added cups. The mentioned factors are also the important reasons why this item earns our highly recommendation. We bet you’ll just love it too once you have that desirable maker in your kitchen. By the way, this model is more than just a slushy maker, and you can try different recipes and make your own new ice treats. Please share us with your new ideas, if any. Thank you!

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